Glory of gods is a MMAPG browser game based on the background story of the epic war between gods and demons. Stunning sceneries, bunches of bloodcurdling monsters, legendary mounts, soul system, unique class skills as well as the blood-boiling guild war. The game boasts those diversified features and addictive gameplay that can even parallel those client games. Although the game possesses intriguing graphics and high manipulation, it still has easy-to-navigate interface and can provide players with smooth gaming experience.

In order to bring our players a more sophisticated product with better gaming experience, our team is going to transfer Sever 1&2 on to Joyheat platform ( on 20:00PDT April 16, 2013 . Meanwhile, the login port for GOG on the original site will be closed recently. Players can bind their accounts to Joyheat platform by taking the following steps so as to resume playing their previous characters. Even more encouraging, players will be presented with mysterious gifts after they transfer their character data successfully to the new platform.

Link for binding accounts:
Official site players:
Facebook players:

Already have a JoyHeat account:

How to bind your account?
A. You can click the link above to login the Joyheat platform and bind your account.
Your account email and password on are required during the procedure of binding accounts. After you success in binding your account, you will be able to login Joyheat platform and play Glory of Gods directly with your character's information and item inherited.

B. Glory of Gods official server 1&2 have shut down. Please implement the binding procedures ASAP in case of character data loss.

C. If you have encountered any puzzles in binding your accounts, please contact GOG custom service for help. Our GMs will help you. It must be noted that our staff will not enquire about your account and password information under any circumstances.

D. Mysterious gifts
We will send items as rewards to GOG official site players who have bound accounts to joyheat website after next maintenance, please click the Bonus button on top-right to claim:
GOG Feedback Gift
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E. Please keep the link of binding account in mind and only Glory of Gods official users can bind accounts with it.

F. Joyheat platform will provide player with better gaming experience.

PS:Transfer Steps For Players Guide